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Birgitte Brouwer

  • Level II Clinical Thermographer
  • Orthomolecular therapist according to the clinical psycho-neuroimmunology (kPNI)
  • Hormone specialist.

What other women say about us


Always a great experience: Birgitte answers your questions and explains everything very well.
Still gives reassurance and it feels much better to me than a mammogram.
You could, for example, go for the mammo once if you are called, and otherwise use the thermography as a control.
Personally, I was really tired of crushing the sore breasts and radiation every time.
So I like to stay under control here, can choose between a number of cities by now.
If you have other questions about health or hormones e.g. ask for a longer consultation, it's definitely worth it!


I am very satisfied with the appointments in Amsterdam. I had my first flash appointment and it was fine for me.


For me, thermography is a worthy addition to self-examination and gives me enough confidence that I am on the right track.

Dimitra Peponis

I went for an orthomolecular consultation and an SO check. I got a lot of good information and immediately discussed the results. Birgitte is a woman with a lot of knowledge and you feel comfortable and heard with her. I am glad that my friend advised Birgitte.

Marian Nijman

...friendly reception as always, any questions you have are answered very knowledgeably and clearly.
I highly recommend this supplemental research for all women....


Very pleasant, professional way to get my breasts checked annually. Very affordable too.


The only thing that is a bit uncomfortable is that you have to sit with your arms up for quite a long time but because of mammography it is much more pleasant and not painful. Birgitte explains well what the research entails


I really liked that the conversation was medically about your body as a whole, explaining possible connections between various symptoms. Time was really taken to gain insight.


I find it a pleasant method to have my annual breast check done.
The practice makes a calming impression and you are treated kindly.
Everything is explained well and is clear.

Riek Scheltens

I feel seen and heard, discreetly treated Birgitte is very knowledgeable and I feel in good hands. Everything looks well cared for. Waiting room is cozy.


I thought it was a fine experience!
I felt at ease!
Birgitte a sweet kind lady reassured me.
Highly recommended...


It is always a pleasure to go to "thermography". I have been coming there for many years and always enjoy seeing Birgitte, She is helpful, friendly, has a sense of humor and most importantly, she is knowledgeable on the subject! Important point!!!!


I experienced my first visit as a fine first encounter. No frills, clear story. Other than that, I have no idea about the sequel yet.
I found the approach to be pleasant and warm, it is nice to notice that someone with soul & passion is doing her job.

Janine Tuinman

It's about breast health, if the breasts are healthy, you are less likely to have problems. It's about care, attention, prevention.


Birgitte continues to develop and is not commercially focused in selling supplements. Very nice to deal with and knowledgeable.


Birgitte explains very well how the body works when it gets into the stress modes because of what you have been through in your life and what processes are going on in your body. You will have to adapt and give your body the chance to heal, to take good care of yourself, not to continue in the same old way but to get more in balance with yourself. You get real attention.


I made an appointment to have both my breasts and my head/upper body preventively mapped. I am very glad I went. I received concrete and useful tips to take a little more care of my physical health and I have a concrete picture of my current health situation. I am reassured and I will go for a 2nd chest x-ray in 3 months.


I find mommy thermography a friendly method to have my breasts looked at annually. Birgitte's personal advice is also very valuable!


I really liked speaking to Birgitte. She seemed honest and knowledgeable, and gave great health recommendations. During the thermography I felt comfortable and calm.


Super fine supplemental breast examination.


Birgitte immediately makes you feel at ease. She takes her time and is very cheerful and friendly and knows what she is talking about, very knowledgeable. In addition, she also gives useful advice. That's why I would definitely recommend Birgitte if you are planning to do a thermographic examination or an orthomolecular consultation.


Very woman friendly and respectful examination. Good to monitor your body and that includes a healthy lifestyle. I think it is very important that women really get to know and take care of their breasts. Thermography (Amsterdam) contributes to this.

Aīda Regeer

I'm just satisfied with the information, which I get,


Very nice that I can now have the thermography done near where I live (Boxtel). It is more accessible again. Making an appointment was easy. The explanation of the thermography was clear. I was received by a friendly lady and after a little conversation quickly at ease. The thermography is very female friendly and I do not experience any stress because of this.

no rather no name

Because I have mastopathy I find it very difficult to do a monthly check on myself, because I obviously cannot feel the difference between lumps that are dangerous or not and lumps that are filled with innocent fluid. An annual check at Thermography gives me a lot of mental peace because apart from the annual check, a long-term picture of the development of my breasts is also registered.


The thermography and additional options give you a wide view on where you are right now. There is always time for explanation! So much help for the coming year.


I have a 15-minute checkup appointment (flash) every year. Pleases me very much.


I have been coming to Birgitte for years and besides being very nice, she is also very knowledgeable and has a tremendous amount of additional knowledge ready!

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Thermography is only a reflection of breast physiology and as such is not a substitute for mammography.
Annual clinical examination of the breasts and periodic evaluation by other objective tests is recommended for comprehensive screening for breast cancer and to assess the structural component of breast tissue.



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