Vitamins, Minerals and the SO-Check

The SO-CHECK is a must if you really want to dot the I's and cross the T's.

Don't limit your thermographic appointment to just monitoring your health but start optimizing your thermal images.

This way you will find out where the missing link is and you will be able to work in a targeted way.

Why (my favorite word 😉 ) my body does what it does.

Every tumor arises in an environment of chronic inflammation.
When you remove the condition of chronic inflammation, and resolve the other disturbances, the body recovers.
Of course, how far the disease process has progressed also plays a role.
Dr. Leo Pruimboom - Become human again: The return of homo sapiens (book)

The new SO-Check

Evaluates in real time potential deficiencies and overloads. Prevent nutrient deficiencies and be aware of a toxic load!

There is a smart ways to increase breast cancer awareness.
It is known that deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and a toxic load play a major role in the development of tumors.

But it's genetic!

However, it turns out that in most cases it is not genetic but Epigenetic changes.

A simple way to monitor this is the SO-CHECK.

It does not measure it in the blood but in the tissue so we get a picture of what is actually available. For example, magnesium is only 1% when measured in the blood. There is also a lot of confusion when measuring B6, as it has the property of piling up, with neurological consequences.
To get a clear picture of B12 is also difficult especially if you take it,

These are some of the important markers measured by the SO check:

Vitamin D3

Having adequate amounts of vitamin D (in combination with vitamin K) is absolutely essential for preventing breast cancer.


Iodine is important for every cell in your body. The thyroid, ovaries, prostate and colon depend on it.


Studies have shown a direct link between magnesium deficiency and cancer. It helps restore hormone and sleep cycles and regulate inflammation.


This trace mineral affects the mechanisms by which tumors grow.

Vitamin B 

There are 8 B vitamins that affect the body and they are all necessary for cancer prevention.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant essential for the immune system and cardiovascular health. It can trigger the death of cancer cells through oxidation.


A disturbed iron-recycling system produces rust in the tissue and thus a high oxidative stress.

Vitamin K2

D3 and K2 belong together for an optimal calcium balance and to strengthen the bones. They play an important role in the immune system and hormone balance.

Example of a measurement result

The compete measurement result is presented in a clear list of ideal bandwidths:

*New* The Cardi-Check

This test estimates acute and chronic stress in through the vital rhythmic balance between 5 indicators: Cardiflex, Cardistress, ANS, Cardiac Coherence and IRT.
In the Netherlands there are about 1.55 million people with a chronic heart or vascular disease and it is the number one cause of death. 
Heart problems often manifest differently in women than in men. Sometimes they are confused with menopause symptoms.

A typical measurement result of the cardi-check is shown below:

The technique of the SO-Check

The SO-CHECK is a spectrophotometer. A spectrophotometer measures the concentration of a certain substance in a sample to be analysed by means of the absorption of visible light. Behind this link is a youtube video explaining this principle to high school students for the subject of Chemistry.

The SO-CHECK is a measuring device that can measure the concentrations of metals and minerals by means of photospectrometry. Because photospectrometry is applied to the tissue in the hand, it is not necessary to test hair, urine or blood. An additional advantage is that this test is very fast and the result is directly available.

Would you also like to have a SO-CHECK made?

This test requires that your blood type is known.
Without your blood type, the test cannot be performed!

The SO-Check separately or with an appointment

The SO-Check can be booked independently or as part of an appointment.
You can choose between an appointment for thermography, an orthomolucular consultation or a combination.

The complete overview with prices can be found on the booking page:

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